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Stephanie B.

Stephanie B.

Personalized Guidance through One on One Coaching

Meet your Career and Business Strategist and owner/creator of Career Makeover Academy: Stephanie Berchiolly. (Don’t worry, that last name is a mouthful, so you can call her Stephanie B.)

Stephanie B. has helped many business owners and professionals define their unique aspirations, set clear goals, and create actionable plans that ultimately lead them towards their ideal career and financial success. If you already have an established  business but find that sales isn’t quite your bag Stephanie’s got you covered. Her personal coaching program will get you on the right track for financial success with a non-sleazy way to “sell” which doesn’t feel like sales at all. Building relationships and a loyal tribe is where it’s at!

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About Your Career and Business Strategist

“Open up to change and free yourself from your soul-sucking job.”
— Stephanie Berchiolly

Like many unsatisfied employees, I spent several of my daytime work hours fantasizing of a new life while bound to a painfully uncomfortable office desk. For several months, I was bored senseless not doing anything productive that I didn’t scrounge up for myself. Then, one glorious day, my secret daydream came true: I was laid off. My instant reaction was INTENSE relief, and within two months, I went from unemployed to creating my own online course teaching career and life reinvention. With my curriculum, people are finding that the true path to their destiny has been inside them all along.

If you’re feeling stuck and dread that Monday morning commute, Career Makeover Academy can help. I can show you how to find a fulfilling career in 6-8 weeks.

You deserve nothing less!