There Is A 30 Day Guarantee!


There is a 30 Day Money Back guarantee, but there are caveats:

You must submit all completed assignments, prove participation (attend group coaching calls, ask questions either in the teaching platform, Facebook group, emails, etc), and send either a written or verbal explanation of why the program did not work for you. If you took part in services (resume reviews, personality tests, group and/or individual coaching sessions, etc) those fees will be deducted from the total. Also, please note that each respective week you are enrolled in the course will reduce the total by a pro-rated amount. 

Ex: If you are in a 6 week program and complete 5 weeks, you must submit all homework assignments, participate in at least 25% of group calls, prove active participation in the course, and provide a written explanation sharing why the program did not work for you. If it looks like you made an honest effort in completing the course you will receive a pro-rated amount for the remaining week.

If you put in the work and dig deep, you are pretty much guaranteed results. You only get out of the course what you put into it, and so far, Career Makeover Academy’s success rate has been pretty stellar. Make the course a priority and it will work; but if you give it an honest effort and it does not work for you, we will do what we can to refund your remaining balance.