About ME: Stephanie Berchiolly

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The 2 hour commute coupled with sitting at a desk for 7 hours a day was killing me by inches and ultimately led to a 7 month medical leave.

When I finally returned to the office everything had changed. Most of the time I felt like a ghost. I was invisible, uninspired, and basically living a tortured existence.

Nothing much had changed for my co-workers during my absence.

Sure, there'd been promotions, departmental adjustments, new protocols put in place - all the typical corporate fare - but it was “same sh*t, different day” for 90% of the people I talked to.

Friday was a silver lining in a very dark cloud full of constantly being overworked, stressed out, feeling powerless, and/or being altogether generally dissatisfied with their lives.

For two months I sat at my desk doing hardly anything productive or stimulating (there just wasn’t enough work to go around) but finally, FINALLY my secret daydream came true: I was laid off.

My instant reaction was intense relief. Like the feeling you get when you rub an ice cube on fresh burn.

The only questions I remember asking were about my severance package.

I was TOTALLY prepared for this moment because I swear to this day I’d manifested it. Several hours each day were spent fantasizing about...well...not being there.

After 2 weeks of trying to figure out what I wanted to try next I took an online course about creating online courses. How meta, right!

After the initial glow of entrepreneurship wore off I started wondering what the *bleep* I had to teach anyone.

Then I opened myself up to the possibility that I had a LOT to offer. Then, the perfect idea came to me in a flash. 

I’ve reinvented myself several times (quite successfully) since college - never really having the same job twice.

I knew I could show others how to significantly improve their chances of finding a great job and changing careers in an unconventional and exciting way. (One of my students called the course “Mindblowing”)

So, in less than two months I went from unemployed to creating my own online course where people find that the true path to their destiny has been inside them all along. They just needed to be open to change AND be able to let go of the powerlessness, insecurity, and limiting beliefs that kept them tethered to that soul-sucking job.

Now, I inspire people to find and create careers that bring them joy (whether they want a conventional 9-5 or want to explore entrepreneurship) AND create actionable plans to actually make it happen.

What could be more fulfilling than that?