8 Reasons Everyone Loves LinkedIn Learning and Lynda

LinkedIn Learning and Linda - Career Makeover Academy

With LinkedIn Learning and Lynda you get training on trending skills in your field of choice and comprehensive practice tests to sharpen your skills.

Using LinkedIn courses can help improve your resume by showcasing the skills you've picked up along the way.

In this article, you'll read about eight benefits of using LinkedIn Learning and Lynda (Lynda.com).


A course advisor right at your fingertips!

LinkedIn Learning and Lynda - Career Makeover Academy


LinkedIn Learning and Lynda.com offers you recommendations based on your profile and other interests you express when setting up your account.

They also have Popular Learning Paths which group several courses under one big umbrella.

This allows you to go from beginner to intermediate to advanced.

No more searching through course after course trying to find the right ones for you.

LinkedIn Learning and Lynda is great because, on a lot of levels, they do most of the work for you.

You get to focus your energy on taking the courses instead of having to spend tons of time searching for the next class to take.

Their recommendations take your skills, accomplishments, and endorsements into account as well.

Talk about career planning made easy!

Using LinkedIn Learning and Lynda.com just adds more gravy to preparing you for the right career choice OR advancing you in the one you're in.

LinkedIn Learning and Lynda help you connect with influencers in your industry.

LinkedIn Learning and Lynda - Career Makeover Academy

Have you ever wondered how average people just happen upon those golden opportunities where they're noticed and ultimately celebrated by well-known (aka well-connected) CEOs?


It's human nature for us to want to get to know people who know who they are and what they want.

By taking LinkedIn Learning courses through Lynda.com, you automatically set yourself up to get unstuck from the average job by placing yourself in the know of the latest trends in your industry.

It also doesn't hurt that you're directly being giving the knowledge you needt in order to engage in conversations with industry influencers and sound like a peer...not a newb.

Increase the chances of landing the job you want!

LinkedIn Learning and Lynda - Career Makeover Academy

Because of the surge of growth in the total amount of active LinkedIn users over the last five years, LinkedIn has begun using its tools to provide demographic information on how jobs, industries, and skills evolve over time.

This turns into a GREAT opportunity to take advantage of your ability to directly connect with the company you want to build your career with one-on-one.

Surfing through LinkedIn profiles for the “right” person to connect with is right at your fingertips due to the ease of use of the website along with the amazingly robust outreach and research tools they provide (free as well as paid).

LinkedIn’s collaboration with Lynda.com has now enhanced your opportunities to land your dream job, making it easier to reach out to the hiring managers and avoid the black whole which is HR.


Huge selection of quality courses to choose from.

LinkedIn Learning and Lynda - Career Makeover Academy


Another great benefit of LinkedIn Learning and Lynda is that they offer a variety of courses that relate to business development and technical training.

As in, over 5,000 courses!

Lynda.com itself has plenty of training courses to choose from, and now with LinkedIn, there's even MORE variety in the topics and content you can learn and improve upon.

Hiring managers and employers take notice of employees who seek to better themselves.


Because it shows that an employee has initiative AND isn't only invested in improving themselves but is also dedicated to being a greater asset to the company and its goals for success.


With over 5,000 available courses, you absolutely can’t lose!

With LinkedIn Learning and Lynda you can add the completed courses to your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Learning and Lynda - Career Makeover Academy

Courses can be shared with your network.

That means you can conveniently share the classes you take with potential employers and companies you'd like to pitch/reach out to.

Your profile’s course records draw attention to your account with more consistency, placing your progress and new skills right in frontof your potential new employer even more frequently than if you tried to update them manually.

With the click of a mouse, you're able to share and connect your certificates of completion to your LinkedIn account OR with the account of a future employer.

Access the premium subscription at no charge.

LinkedIn Learning and Lynda - Career Makeover Academy

If you have premium business, executive, recruiter lite, premium career, or sales navigation professional, you automatically receive access to LinkedIn Learning at no additional cost to you.

This allows you to:

  • maximize the benefits of the cost you pay to upgrade your LinkedIn account by gaining more (priceless) education and training on skills, applications, business and/or marketing concepts that you want to appear passionate about.


  • It makes it easier to access your training courses.

LinkedIn Learning and Lynda.com help you to sell yourself with confidence.

LinkedIn Learning and Lynda - Career Makeover Academy


One benefit that sometimes gets overlooked is that LinkedIn Learning and Lynda can help boost your morale by showing you as an expert in your field.

Gaining professional perspectives as well as great tools from experts and the experience of your course facilitators gives you a serious competitive edge over other candidates.

Having that air of confidence will also show how serious you are about the position you're applying for.

Not only do the courses directly connect with your desired learning strategy, but they also show what steps you're willing to take to get the job you want.

A hiring manager sees you as a confident person who gets stuff done AND goes above and beyond.

Who wouldn't want someone like that on the team?

Increase your social media engagement opportunities!

LinkedIn Learning and Lynda - Career Makeover Academy

Social media has sometimes gotten a bad rap when it comes to building yourself professionally.

But through LinkedIn Learning and Lynda.com, you have the benefit of shaping and molding your social media persona.

You also have the flexibility in what courses or trainings you choose to reflect your professional interests as well as acquired skills.

You're able to connect socially with employers and hiring managers in a way where you're not gong so far as to speak too casually but where you can present yourself in a relaxed, yet professional conversation (via social media).

If you want to be successful and increase your opportunities, you'll definitely want to add that human interest component, while simultaneously “wowing” them with your professional knowledge.



What courses have YOU taken with LinkedIn Learning and/or Linda.com?

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