3 Reasons Your LinkedIn Post Should Include Video




Everywhere you look, people are using video as a part of their marketing efforts.

And it’s not just YouTube anymore! 

Last year things like Facebook Live and Instagram Live became a huge part of doing business, and LinkedIn has hopped on the bandwagon.

Using Video On LinkedIn


You’ve always been able to share links to videos (like YouTube videos) on LinkedIn, but in August they stepped up their game and rolled out a native video option.

You can now upload your own videos and publish them directly on LinkedIn.

What does this mean for you?

Now you can better connect with people and get valuable insights and analytics from your videos.

Your videos can be shared right on your timeline, so when people are scrolling through their own timelines, your video will pop up.

If you’re not already using video in your LinkedIn posts, youre missing out. Heres why!

Video Drives People to Your Website


There are so many ways you can use LinkedIn video to send people to your website.

Do you post regularly on your blog?

Share a quick video teaser of your latest blog post (and make it so good, people can’t help but click the link and go read the whole thing).

Are you selling a new product?

Post a video that shows all the great ways your product can be used, and WHY people need it in their lives.

If you make it enticing, they’ll be on your website before you know it.

Do you have an event, conference, or tradeshow coming up?

Use video to interview speakers and hosts and get people excited. Viewers will head to your website to learn more about the event.

Video Makes You Relatable


LinkedIn users are there to make business connections.

By adding video to your LinkedIn marketing, you’re communicating directly with your connections and giving them a sense of who you are.

Video allows you to share more of your personality, and tell people what your business is about.

The ways you can use video to give people insight into you and your business are endless!


What are your tips for using video on LinkedIn?

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