Consistency: 3 Tips for Creating Consistent Content

Consistency: 3 Tips for Creating Consistent Content - Career Makeover Academy



One of the most difficult things to do when you're first starting out as an entrepreneur - who needs to be visible - is learning how to create consistent quality content.


We're not just going to spend the entire time talking about how to create a content calendar, we're also going to discuss alternatives to multitasking which are going to significantly improve the amount and quality of work you use to produce consistent quality content.


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Tip 1: Planning For Consistent Content

Consistency: 3 Tips for Creating Consistent Content - Career Makeover Academy

The first thing is to make sure you come up with a plan which is actually sustainable for the long-term.

Don't spread yourself too thin trying to use too many platforms

Be reasonable, and understand that once you get really good with one platform you can start adding other platforms.

The key to perfect consistency is to do things gradually.

Get really good with one platform and then, when you've streamlined your process and it takes you a lot less time to get high quality content out there, you can consider adding a new platform into the mix.

Remember, this is all about quality NOT quantity!

Have an idea of where you want to be & when you want to get there

Metrics are a great way of measuring how close you are to your goals.

Make sure those goals are reasonable and actionable.

Having a schedule and a content calendar helps you stay the course when creating content.

Knowing you need to post on Youtube every day, and having a content calendar that tells WHAT you should be posting on Youtube, are two completely different things.

Coming up with ideas for your content marketing plan in advance will help you to get that rock solid consistency on Youtube, or any other platform, for that matter.

Tip 2 Where to Get Ideas for New Content

Consistency: 3 Tips for Creating Consistent Content - Career Makeover Academy

Inspirational Consistency

You can find inspiration for your content marketing strategy EVERYWHERE!

Social media marketing doesn't have to be painful!

Get inspired by books, tv, questions people around you are asking, as well as directly from your audience!

Hang out where they are and give them what they want.

Quora is a great place to get inspiration from topics people are already requesting information for.

Ask People Questions

This is an amazing way to find out topics for videos, blog or social media posts, or just about anything.

Getting topics directly from your audience makes it easy to figure out how to be consistent on Youtube or any other platform that needs a content marketing strategy.

Try asking questions in Facebook or LinkedIn groups., email your clients directly, or ask people to take a survey using applications like the following:

Take your pick, there are TONS of survey apps out there to fit everyone's needs!

Tip 3 - Consistency Though Batching

Consistency: 3 Tips for Creating Consistent Content - Career Makeover Academy

The human brain isn't meant to multitask.

If you're looking for alternatives to multitasking then batching is great.

Wondering how to batch content?

Just focus on doing similar tasks in one large chunk of time with no distractions.

Creating quality content through batching will make you realize it's the BEST alternatives to multitasking and time saving you'll ever find.

Batching makes you more efficient because we lose time when task switching.

(Going from one task to another before the first task is completed.)

The more you switch, the more time you lose.

What are YOUR tips for consistent content creation?


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