The Compound Effect

The Compound Effect - Career Makeover Academy

What if someone walked up to you right now and gave you 30 seconds to choose between:

A penny a day doubled every day for 30 days


A million dollars?

Most people would take the million dollars, but if you sit down and think about it, you would have been much better off taking the penny offer.


Let’s do some math!


The Compound Effect - Career Makeover Academy

On Day 1 you would receive a single, glorious penny.

Day 2 you would have 2 cents...

Day 3, 4 cents...

By the end of that week you would have made a whopping 64 cents

Week 2 (14 days in) you'd have pocketed a cool….$81.92.

The Compound Effect - Career Makeover Academy

Now, at Week 3 you're starting to seriously regret your decision because you're only looking at an extra $10,485.76 in your account.

You start pacing, and pulling out your hair...cursing your decision (and the person that made the offer to you) by Day 27 because you now have $671,088.64 when you could have had a MILLION FRIGGING DOLLARS!!!

You’ve almost reached the end of your rope and, quite frankly, you are pretty pissed off that you passed on the million up front. You daydream about taking the money, quitting your job, and spending the last 3 weeks on the beach. Your anger has reached epic proportions.

The next day (Day 28) you get a bit excited because you’ve actually surpassed the original $1 million (FINALLY) and now have $1,342,177.28 and suddenly the realization hits you: You still have 3 days of doubling left!!! You're gonna be richer than your wildest dreams!

The Compound Effect - Career Makeover Academy


The 31st day arrives (remember it's 30 days of doubling so the bright shiny penny day doesn't count). You have amassed a mind staggering $10,737,418.24. Somehow, all those previous days of worry and second-guessing your decision are gone in the blink of an eye.


The Compound Effect - Career Makeover Academy

Let's look at this outside of the scope of money and consider your career and life. If you tried to improve yourself by a little bit every day - eating healthier, exercising, showing more affection to your spouse or children, spending more time on hobbies you enjoy, reading about/educating yourself on a topic of interest, being more efficient at work, or just being more productive in ANY capacity....just IMAGINE how much your life would change.

Yes, things will be stressful as you learn to incorporate these new habits, but by applying the principles of the compound effect your life will improve significantly. Your health, relationships, and career fulfillment could grow by leaps and bounds. 


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How can you incorporate the Compound Effect into your life?

The Compound Effect - Career Makeover Academy

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