How Much Does cost, Anyway? Cost - Career Makeover Academy Cost vs Value cost can vary depending on the method you use to acquire it.

Ranging from monthly to annual subscriptions for individuals and teams.


Before you're consumed with budgeting (how much cost) you need to consider the value it provides!

Top Questions about Enhancing Your Career with

Online training has become the new convenient craze.

The traditional live class setting is now in competition with online training, because many people are trying to achieve their dreams, even while working their 9-to-5.

One of the most popular online training sites is cost is partially predicated upon the fact that it's not only convenient because it’s online, but it's efficient for career professionals that use the social media platform LinkedIn, AND who are looking to gain more trending and up-to-date skills to enhance themselves to compete in our fast-pace career world.  

Who Teaches These Trainings? Cost - Career Makeover Academy

Some may shy away from online training, because there is no face-to-face connection, or they may feel that online training isn’t as credible as having a live trained professional in the classroom.

With, all courses are led by trained experts. They bring with them not only their education, but their expertise.

Teaching online gives them the extra freedom to share with you their personal experiences and even share with their students tips and tricks that gives them a heads-up in their industry or skillset. 

Even if you aren’t already familiar with a particular skill, the expert professional instructors are equipped to teach even the unsure beginner to educate and empower them.

The training styles of each training meets the needs of each student, and gives them opportunities to share feedback and ask questions.

And, video tutorials give students a more one-on-one atmosphere online that helps them to connect with the training as well as the instructors.

What Can I Learn? Cost - Career Makeover Academy

Learning through expands the possibilities.

There are unlimited courses to learn and an expanse of different skills to obtain.

This is great for career professionals who don’t have the time to invest in going back to school full time – or even for part time – as they continue to navigate through life.

Courses range from web design to sales.

The learning is extensive for career professionals who are serious about either learning a new skill or just wanting to enhance what they already know to can benefit greatly by using this forum. 

There are even greater opportunities to grab skills and even achieve more education on entry level classes.

For example: Excel offers additional skill training to accompany your basic training courses.

What makes stand out from other online training is the availability of extra courses that actually apply to your skillset.

The trainings keep up with your industry’s trending skills, which helps students stay ahead of the game, when looking to apply for a new job or approach employers for a raise or an advancement in your career.

Career professionals can feel relief in knowing that they don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for trainings on new technology advancements and software. cost includes a TON of tutorials that help individuals learn the intricate details about new software that is used in building companies today.

This can be an empowering and motivating booster for career professionals to be able to compete in any industry today. cost (Aka: Can I Afford These Trainings?) Cost - Career Makeover Academy cost nothing upfront because they offer a free trial on any training that you are interested in.

There are also various membership plans that fit your budget as well as your training needs.

The subscription plans range from monthly, premium monthly to annual subscriptions.

The trainings are very cost efficient, and the value exceeds what cost, as they train in-depth on skills that can be important in landing that promotion or getting that raise.

Through the and LinkedIn Learning partnership, cost is only around $30 per month.

And those with a premium subscription to LinkedIn will get the service automatically.

In the future, the company states that they will open up an enterprise option that supports multi-person licensing.

Another great thing: cost absolutely nothing if your library has a partnership. 

Yes, you read that right, chances are (in the US at least) you can get your membership for free!

Is This a Good For My Team? Cost - Career Makeover Academy

Individuals aren’t the only ones who can benefit from using

There are options for employers to use this training for small groups of employees that they can use to provide them with credits in their industry or skillset.

The tutorials are online and can be accessed at the students’ own pace. This is a great option for employees who may not have the time to take additional courses outside of the office.

This platform can be a solution for not only small businesses, but government agencies or departments, and for individuals who are looking to gain more higher education skills to qualify for a new job.

There are learning paths that can be customized and designed for each individual employee to help them maximize the tutorials to their benefit that will eventually help build your business, by having employees that are equipped to handle their jobs efficiently.

Where Can I Find These Trainings? Cost - Career Makeover Academy

Through the partnership of the professional social media platform, LinkedIn with, obtaining these trainings through LinkedIn does a few things for you: 

  • Build on your credibility as a professional in training
  • Gives employers who are searching on LinkedIn the opportunity to see the skillset you’re advancing in
  • Provides as platform to seek out potential employers who are looking for new skilled employees

Online learning can be something that will enhance your career as well as boost your confidence in becoming the expert in your field, and give you leverage and job security.

Using can be your ticket to becoming the expert that you’ve always dreamed of being; one training at a time.



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