Why Choose to Become an Entrepreneur?

Why Choose to Become an Entrepreneur - Career Makeover Academy

This is a question entrepreneurs are often asked: “Why would you choose to be an entrepreneur over a steady, high-paying job with benefits, at a large company?”

For some it seems like a pipe dream. Others find the entire concept of not having the regularity of a 9-5 too risky. Yet for many enterprising individuals, a fitting response is “Why wouldn’t you?” and the subsequent answers as to why they would can vary from very simple to exceedingly complex. I’ll share some of these simple “whys” with you today.

Having Control of Your Career and Life

Why Choose to Become an Entrepreneur - Career Makeover Academy

For me, the choice became clear when, after years and years of working for major companies (and months spent on medical leave), I found myself at the business-end of a layoff. At the time, I was ready, because I’m fairly certain I’d manifested that moment.

I was eager to move onto my next adventure as soon as I was told the details of my separation package; but what if I HADN’T been ready? Suffice it to say, my life would have been VERY different. It’s only too easy to imagine going into panic mode and immediately looking for a new job if I hadn’t gotten out of the “employee mindset”.

Why Choose to Become an Entrepreneur - Career Makeover Academy

If you’re an entrepreneur, you know you’ll be wearing every hat - from CEO, to administrative assistant, to customer service, to order fulfillment, and HR...but at least you have the flexibility to pursue your success on your own terms and live a life that’s potentially waaay more fulfilling than the one you previously lead - earning money for someone else.

Great Learning Potential

To me, one of the best things in life is learning everything there is to learn about...everything; and one of the best ways to do this is through action and experience. The flexibility of entrepreneurship plays a HUGE role here. If you’re tied to a repetitive 9-5 job there’s little time left during your waking hours to learn something interesting outside of the scope of your job. I’ve had jobs where I’d commute 2 hours one way, by car. When you’re at work 8-10 hours and commute 4 hours a day you don’t have time for much besides sleeping...and complaining.

Unlimited Earnings

It may not come easy at first, but through passion, hard work, and perseverance, being an entrepreneur has opened up the possibility of having a considerably larger earning potential than I ever CONCEIVED of while still in corporate America. By offering products and services my potential clients NEED and WANT, as well as taking advantage of the power of the Internet, social media, and the plethora of amazing applications available to entrepreneurs in this glorious tech era, I’m better able to find and deliver my services to those willing to pay for them.

Helping Others in a Meaningful Way

Probably the best reason for becoming your own boss is the chance to work at something that will help your clients in a meaningful way AND doing so on your own terms. I’m no psych major or therapist, but I find joy in coaching others to discover their purpose in life and use it to discover and/or create a fulfilling career. Being an entrepreneur is about the spirit of inventiveness, really thinking about what the world needs right now and making the most out of your available resources so that you can answer that need in a magnificent way. It doesn't hurt that you can do all that while making a pretty decent living.

So, for those of you who might ask why someone chose to be an entrepreneur, I have a question for you:

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Why WOULDN’T you become an entrepreneur?

Why Choose to Become an Entrepreneur - Career Makeover Academy

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