Hate Your Job? Quit... Complaining!

Hate Your Job Quit Complaining - Career Makeover Academy

That's right. Instead of dreaming of the day you can quit your job to pursue your passion of binge watching Netflix Original sci-fi shows while caked in Cheetos dust, maybe...just MAYBE you should stop complaining.

Those of us forced to listen to someone drone on and on for hours about their incompetent boss, unpaid overtime, and how much the work coffee sucks would LOVE it if you kept your negativity to yourself.

Did you know Gallup recently reported a whopping 70% of U.S. workers aren’t engaged at their jobs? Look to your left...now look to your right. (Come on...we both know you’re sitting in your cube farm watching this during your 13th unsanctioned break….) One of those people are in the SAME BOAT AS YOU: They’re mad as hell and not going to keep their mouth shut about it.

Before you go have a rant-off with your job-hating bestie let me give you three reasons why you should quit griping RIGHT NOW.

First, complaining perpetuates an air of general dissatisfaction which can attract even MORE negativity! Who wants that? Life is hard enough as it is! Remember that you CHOSE this job. No one held a gun to your head and forced you to sign on the dotted line.

Second, people who constantly complain about their work are often seen as incompetent. Other people, especially potential employers, naturally gravitate to STRONG individuals who (at least on the surface) SEEM have got it all figured out. You, distinguished job-hater, have to be waaaaay more cognizant of what you say while you're still there AND be extra careful around anyone who might have even the SLIGHTEST change of becoming your next boss.

Hate Your Job Quit Complaining - Career Makeover Academy

And third, (Yes...this is almost over) your complaint may very well be just a gut reaction born of fleeting emotions. One day, you might look back and view the entire experience more objectively. Maybe, you'll even realize that it wasn't so bad after all; OR... when you've had more experience dealing with even bigger challenges, you may consider returning to the job you once thought of as craptacular. Sooo, don’t burn your bridges by being “That chick...you know...Sarah from accounting? OMG, don’t get caught alone with her. All she does is complain!”

Whether all, or none, of these reasons apply to you right now, remember that complaining does nothing but offer an excuse to not make a change for the better. Besides subjecting other people to an onslaught of negativity that makes them want to avoid you at all costs, you're taking the lazy way out of a situation which can be remedied. More about THAT in an upcoming article.


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What do you do to combat complaining?

Hate Your Job Quit Complaining - Career Makeover Academy

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