How to Introduce Yourself in an Interview

How to Introduce Yourself in an Interview - Career Makeover Academy

Nervous about an upcoming interview? I'd be surprised if you’re not feeling queasy! When meeting anyone for the very first time, that initial impression might be the only one you get to control. But don’t worry (not too much anyway) because it’s not impossible to deliver a self-introduction that'll help boost your image AND potentially win you the job you want. As with any important event, preparation is key. Here’s your easy list to help you when introducing yourself during an interview.

Highlight your educational background. Give a brief summary of your qualifications. If it’s more suited to a field or job other than what you’re applying for, be ready to justify the change with a prepared response. Hemming and hawing while trying to figure out an answer on the spot does not fill the interviewer with confidence. Trust me!

How to Introduce Yourself in an Interview - Career Makeover Academy

Bring your relevant qualities to light. Think about the things that set you apart from the rest? Are you a motivated self-starter? Have you ever been called a born leader? Aside from assuring your interviewer that you have the basic qualifications to get the job done, try to squeeze in a little trivia that will support your claim and help make you stand out as unique and memorable in their mind. You can mention, for example, that you’re the leader of your local community book club or that you build web-based games in your spare time.

Maintain an air of positivity. In this day and age, being polite is the bare minimum of conducting yourself in an interview. More than that, you can focus your introduction on how much you enjoy helping others, be it your contemporaries at school, your community, or your previous company. If you’ve got your heart set on this potential employer, I’m sure there’s something you’re eager to help with; be sure to let them know straight away what kind of issues you’re looking forward to solving with them.

How to Introduce Yourself in an Interview - Career Makeover Academy

Keep it short and simple. One of the top rules of communication applies here. When introducing yourself in an interview, keep the monologue to about a minute. No need to get into too much detail at this point. Use words that are simple and easy to pronounce, so that it’s easier to avoid mistakes. Write it out and edit down answers to commonly asked interview questions until you’re satisfied.

Practice your introduction. There’s no shame in memorizing a spiel for your introduction, but as you practice, make sure it sounds as natural as possible. Giving an impression of a robot on the loose dressed as a human job applicant is the last thing you want to give your interviewer.


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How to Introduce Yourself in an Interview - Career Makeover Academy

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