3 More Tips On How To Be Successful

3 More Tips On How To Be Successful - Career Makeover Academy

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Whether you’re just getting started in your career fresh out of college or are already five years in, it can sometimes be WAY too easy to get carried away by society's expectations for success instead of focusing on our own.

When you look at your colleagues and/or people you grew up with and see what they’ve accomplished, you might start wondering how to reach (or exceed) their level of success.

The green-eyed monster of jealousy, coupled with a subtly nurtured competitive spirit may make you start questioning the current trajectory of your career.

Do you wonder if you’re working hard enough day-to-day to be promoted as fast as Susan? 

Maybe your parents say things like, "Why can't you be more like Erin? She's living in a penthouse in NYC. Didn't you graduate a year before her with the same degree?" 

Does your stomach drop at the thought of facing Jackson at the next class reunion because he's on the fast track to becoming CEO of a Fortune 500 company before his 40th birthday?

If you ever catch yourself struggling with negative thoughts related to not being successful enough, STOP.

Constantly being in this high pressure state can drag you down, down, down.

Yes, it might be a great motivating force for some people who thrive on negativity, but for most of us it only causes burnout, depression, and a sad sack life devoid of friends (because no one wants to be around a neurotic, negative Nancy besides OTHER neurotic, negative Nancys.)

Instead of dwelling on the bad, focus on the good and overcome the rush to success. You might even, I don't know....ENJOY your career and where it takes you.

Resist Comparing Yourself with Others.

3 More Tips On How To Be Successful - Career Makeover Academy

Mark Twain once said “Comparison is the death of joy.”

Finding role models in life is well and good and everything, but nothing great comes from comparing yourself to others.

You don't know the advantages they've had or the challenges they've faced to get to where they got They are not You. You are amazing in your own right.

Have a singular, laser focus on your goals.

Using someone successful as a template by which to replicate success is different than comparing yourself to them.

Research and analyze others who are where you want to be and use that information to create an actionable plan.

Define Success and what it means to YOU.

Often people think being rich and successful will make them happy.

It's easy to forget that finding happiness in the endeavor is a success in, and of, itself.

Ever hear the saying, "Anything worthwhile takes time"? 

Find the time to think about how YOU define success.

Then imagine what your day-to-day would look like getting there? A great book for this is "Morning Miracle".*

Hal Elrod takes you through his process to identify your big audacious goals and take daily steps to accomplish them - baby steps style - first thing in the morning.

This method is a complete game-changer!

Find What Makes You Happy.

3 More Tips On How To Be Successful - Career Makeover Academy

Think back to everything that has ever brought you joy in life, and of those things, find the ones that you can replicate and include more of in your life.

Do you smile every time you think about that robotics workshop you attended 6 months ago?

Maybe that’s a skill you can develop and turn into a side-hustle.

People are living longer now.

Just imagine if you could have 2 or 3 wildly different careers in your lifetime, all based on things which bring you joy?

If you're drawing a blank on things you're passionate about check out my freebie "The Passion Project". It's a fast, fun way to get back in touch with the things that bring you joy.

I don't tell people to just up and quit their jobs and pursue their bliss, that's pretty irresponsible, but why not figure out how to incorporate bliss into your career or, at the very least, include more in your daily life?

Build Connections with Good People.

Just as worthwhile endeavors take time, good, solid relationships are formed over years.

Even the most introverted people can benefit from having good connections to network with.

John C. Maxwell once said, “Teamwork makes the dream work, but a vision becomes a nightmare when the leader has a big dream and a bad team".

Take the time to connect with people who inspire you as well as those who are where you want to be. Learn from them, give more than you get, and someday you might form your own unstoppable dream team.

The bottom line is that great success doesn’t happen overnight.

Big goals can be broken down into a series of small chunks, and if you can focus on one of those small steps right now, without getting overwhelmed with the "How" of the upcoming steps, you'll do just fine.

Always remember: Slow and steady wins the race.

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What Are YOUR Success Tips?

3 More Tips On How To Be Successful - Career Makeover Academy

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