3 Tips for an Outstanding Resume


Just how important is a resume? A corporate job opening attracts an average of 250 resumes, according to an ERE Survey of 2013. Of these hopefuls, only 4 to 6 candidates will get an interview, and only one of these candidates will get the job. It seems the odds are stacked against you, and those odds are pretty darned staggering. Some applicants have unparalleled credentials, amazing connections or even perfect timing which gives then a chance at the job even WITHOUT a polished resume. However, if you're like most people, that 1 to 2-pager in that heaping pile of hundreds may be the only chance you'll get at landing an interview for your ideal job. In other words, that resume better sing!

Fortunately, there are several ways you can achieve this. Here are 3 of the most effective ways you can spruce up your resume and give yourself more than just a fighting chance.

Don’t include absolutely everything. Aren’t people naturally drawn towards the new, mysterious somebody in the room? It’s good practice to leave a little something to the imagination when writing your resume. Think of it as a dating profile where you want to be as enticing as possible, but not turn it into a novella people get bored of after chapter 1. In addition, if you’re someone whose professional experience widely varies, you'd want to leave out any work experience that doesn’t have anything to do with the job you’re actively applying for. Doing this not only helps your chances, but also helps the hiring manager by allowing them to get to the meat of your relevant qualifications in a timely fashion.

Stand out tastefully. Just imagine how many standard, boring, white page with black text resumes a company’s human resources associate has to sift through each and every day. You’ll want to visually stand out from that pack. There are many free digital resources available that let you easily spice up that bland resume. Check out apps like Novoresume, VisualCV, or Canva. These free alternatives allow you to create stylish, gorgeous resumes that will get you noticed on, or offline!

Use Power Words. When writing your resume, use less common synonyms for run-of-the-mill words. Doing this will help you bring more impact and make you stand out. Besides the obvious strategy of using a thesaurus, check out this list of power words from Time Magazine. Be careful not to go overboard with high-brow word choices. You don't want to risk sounding like a know-it-all or a fool when talking to your potential employer. 

Ready to stand out from the crowd of jobseekers? Take time today to makeover your resume with these three simple tips.

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