How to Reach Journalists & Get Media Attention

Interview Skills for Entrepreneurs: How to Get Media Interviews - Career Makeover Academy

Hi there, entrepreneur!

Are you looking to get interviewed or featured in popular media?

If so, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

First and foremost, you've got to sharpen those interview skills so you can make the most out of any media exposure you manage to get.

This week in Career Makeover Academy and #LevelUp Your Career, we talk about how to get visible by using interview skills to help promote your business on print, radio, TV, and podcasts. Let’s get started!



How to Get Media Interviews (Print, Radio, TV Show, etc.)

So, your business has been going well enough and all, but you’re looking to get the word out so that you can serve more people.

Have you ever wondered when you’ll get your turn in the limelight? Is that 15 minutes of fame is calling out to you?

Now that there are so many media platforms online (and offline), getting interviewed by a newspaper journalist or producer for a podcast isn't something you’ll have to wait a lifetime to happen.

As an entrepreneur, you’d be remiss if you didn’t try to take this matter into your own hands at least once.

To get you started on this exciting adventure, let’s talk about ways you can land that interview for your business.

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Use social media to rev up your online presence

Let’s face it--journalists and story producers are online nearly 24/7 in search for the latest, greatest, most interesting topics and reliable sources.

The key is to establishing your web presence greatly increases your chances of being “discovered.”

The first step to build a huge following of people that absolutely hang on your every word is by implementing a solid plan for your social media pages.

Connecting with media outfits online just makes it that much simpler to position your business within easy reach.

More importantly, if you’re providing a valuable product or service that people are raving about, you want to make sure your business pages are easy to find so that your satisfied customers can leave a glowing reviews.

This can SIGNIFICANTLY improve your chances of being found again, and again, and again soon after (or even before) that first interview hits the 'press'.

Use Help A Reporter Out (HARO) to respond to information requests.

How to Get Media Interviews - Career Makeover Academy

HARO is a web-based service used by journalists to find sources of information for news stories. If you’re an expert in your field of business, you just might be the resource person that a news producer in your area is looking for.

After taking these first steps, it’s only a matter of time before interviewers comes knocking on your door. Here are a few steps you can take to prepare.

Find out as much as you can about the interviewer/journalist.

Apart from doing a background research online, ask any questions you might have before the actual interview, either via email or maybe even a quick call.

Find out the intent of the story

What’s the angle of the piece or story?

This will help you make sure your answers are within the scope of the article.

For instance, it would be inappropriate to go in detail about the products or services offered by your company when the line of questioning is about your experience as a business owner—you’ll just have to hope for a mention of your business, here.

Also, be careful about an interviewer that’s looking to cast your business in a bad light.

Unless it’s warranted or with good reason, no hardworking entrepreneur should have to suffer through a PR nightmare.

Ask for a list of topics beforehand

Professional journalists will likely never send you the specific questions before the actual interview transpires.

Also, they will not submit any quotes they’ll be using for your approval.

As owner of your business, the responsibility to communicate clearly and truthfully any information about it rests squarely on your shoulders, so prepare to answer well.

Prepare succinct, interesting responses and statements

It is imperative that you be comfortable talking about your company.

Once you know the topics of discussion, try writing out possible questions their appropriate responses, and try to cover as many possibilities as you can.

Memorize the basic answers while keeping in mind that you want to be as natural-sounding as possible.

Practice your answers with a friend if you’re nervous.


Remember, many people would like to find out and support that nice business owner who runs that outstanding startup—it could be you!

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Interview Skills for Entrepreneurs: How to Get Media Interviews - Career Makeover Academy

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