CMA's One Year Anniversary!

CMA's One Year Anniversary - Career Makeover Academy

Spring has sprung and it's the season of new beginnings.

May 1st, 2017 marked the official 1-year anniversary for Career Makeover Academy!

The end of last week, I was stricken with the realization that May was just around the corner and I wanted to do something fun...but what the heck would it be on such short notice?

Suddenly, in a moment of self-prescribed genius, I had a brilliant idea for a month long theme: Interviewing!

“Ok, so what? I can find interview stuff online.” Yes, but what KIND of “interview stuff” are you looking for? Why does it have to be JUST about how to perform at job interviews or JUST about how to do a podcast/radio interview? Why can’t we have a whole month just dedicated to interviewing in GENERAL? What about an entire month that's 'All About Interviews'

Soooooo, whether you’re a 9-5er looking to increase your chances of scoring that dream job, an entrepreneur considering hiring someone to assist with projects, or just a regular ole person with an interesting story to tell on a podcast there just MIGHT be an interview in your future!

Join me this May for a WHOLE MONTH of nothing but interviews. (Well, I might throw a FEW other things in there just because 31 straight days on interviewing might drive me bonkers, lol.)

Oh, and there will be prizes! To start off, one of the first 10 people to sign up will win one free hour of coaching! There will be more freebies, giveaways and prizes available throughout the month.

Celebrate with me! Sign up HERE


If you'd like to learn more about how to find a career that brings you joy and fulfillment why not schedule a no-risk, no-obligation Strategy Session. (Don't worry, first one's on the house.)

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CMA's One Year Anniversary - Career Makeover Academy

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