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Show of hands, who here listens to podcasts? (Seriously, did you raise your hand? I can't see you!) According to research, the audience numbers of podcasts in the US have steadily grown over the past few years and is at 24% of adults in 2017. Some of the most popular podcasts even boast download numbers in the millions. Imagine having the potential to reach so many listeners by just guesting in one. Even if it’s a program that’s just starting out, what business owner wouldn’t want to guest in a podcast if it means free promotion for their brand?

Depending on your connections and the relative success of your business, guesting in a podcast might be easier than getting noticed by traditional media. With so many competing content producers out there, podcasters must constantly be on the lookout for interesting topics and stories that may be attached to possible guest personalities — it’s a pretty good time to position yourself as one of them.

Here are some ideas on how to get there.

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Find outstanding podcast programs that would be a good fit for your business. A podcast dedicated to business topics is a good start. Check if you can see yourself guesting in any podcasts you already listen to, and start connecting with them on social media and learning more about them. Also, what might speed things along is asking your contacts if they know anyone involved in any up-and-coming podcast program that may cover your specific industry.

Pitch yourself to be a podcast guest. You can’t expect to be guesting in a podcast soon if you don’t at least try getting their attention, right? But first, make sure you’re visible through your business website and social network pages, so the podcast producers can find you and your company. Before you start writing that pitch email, think about the specific topics that you are an expert of and can confidently talk about, and keep those in mind as you write. Which of these topics would the specific podcast’s audience find interesting? In a ProBlogger article by Michelle Kulas, she laid out a step-by-step plan on how to write a podcast guesting pitch, including the content of the pitch email — a short introduction of yourself, that list of topics you can talk about, an explanation why you’d be an ideal guest in their podcast, your URLs, and contact information. Be sure to make your inquiry professional, then send out that email and hope they reply.

Prepare as you would for any important interview. So one podcaster accepted your pitch and asked you to be a guest — hurray! Between now and showtime is not the time to relax, though. If they’re interviewing you specifically about your business, use this opportunity to cast a good light on your company in the way you respond. Just as you would for any interview, confirm the topics to be covered in the podcast episode you’ll guest in, work on possible questions and your ideal responses, and practice them, keeping in mind that you’ll want the podcast interview to flow smoothly and for the audience to enjoy listening to the episode. Naturally, you’ll want to enjoy the experience, too, so see if you can get a friend or colleague to practice interviewing you in the style of the podcaster — you get a bit more used to the setup to avoid anxiety on the day, and the person can give you instant feedback on your answers and delivery.

Bonus: Download this free checklist that will help you to learn everything you need to be the best podcast guest EVER!  Click here to get it

After your podcast guesting, take a deep breath… you’ve done it! Now, don’t forget to promote it. Podcaster Sarah Rhea Werner highlights the importance of getting the word out — it benefits both you and the podcast producers if more people listen in. You might also find her article 15 Tips For An On-Point Podcast Guest Appearance on Forbes useful, in which she also suggests thinking of it like chatting with a friend over coffee.


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How to Be a Good Podcast Guest - Career Makeover Academy

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