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A blessing to my business.
— Jasmine P.

I’ve been in business about 10 years, have been published in popular publications, have spoken at and have been a part of some of the best tech and new media conferences, and consulted celebrities, authors, speakers, as a consultant, but I wasn’t really calculating how this was affecting me. So [Stephanie] pulled me to the side and asked me if I wanted a session and I agreed.

Speaking with her for just one hour really uncovered some things for me. She also gave me a sales tactic that immediately got me three bookings and a prospective client, and able to really see that I was doing things the hard way by focusing on marketing and not sales as much as I needed to. So you know she had to get down to the core of some things that I hadn’t shared with anybody, because hey I’m a consultant, I’m supposed to know all this. But she very skilfully uncovered some things that I have been doing wrong and immediately offered me very practical things to help me get my life and purpose and career on track, so I highly recommend Stephanie. Definitely book your appointment today.

If I could, I would give five extra thumbs up to Stephanie and Career Makeover Academy. I am forever in your debt.
— Keeona F.

About the Coaching

I want to give a special, special, and deep thank you to Stephanie B. and the Career Makeover Academy. I was a stay at home mom for over 10 years. I was hoping to re-enter the workforce, but obviously, times had changed. I didn’t exactly know where to start, and a couple times that I had tried to re-enter the force, I just wasn’t getting any kind of feedback or anything. But with the Career Makeover Academy’s informative and very detailed courses, and passionate support from Stephanie, I was actually able to find my career passion. And now I’m actually employed in the IT field, which is something I honestly didn’t think I was gonna be able to do given my background and history. However, I am here, and I am eternally gratefully to Stephanie and the Career Makeover Academy. If I could I would actually give five extra thumbs up to Stephanie and Career Makeover Academy. I am forever in your debt. And again, thank you very, very much!

About the Course

In the beginning I was genuinely stuck on my strengths and what I wanted. However with further completion I was finally able to truthfully answer these questions and it confirmed that I was on the right path with the field that I have chosen.

All the courses were detailed and tied nicely together to help me achieve my career analysis and confirmation.

Something had to change, and Career Makeover [Academy] gave me the insight to do that.

I had a great time with Career Makeover [Academy]. I was at a stage where I had a good career, but I needed to make a decision. Move on, shake it up, something. Something had to change, and Career Makeover [Academy] just gave me the insight to do that. Stephanie gives you a lot of tools, superb links to data, so you can just clean yourself up, clean the cobwebs, have a good idea what you should be doing, and how you should be approaching your self and career.

For me, it just made me realize I was approaching my career differently, and I can get more joy and productivity by looking at it in a different way. Long story short, for me, the tools I got out of it was just honing and polishing the resume down, which got me the interviews. And then bringing that prep and that confidence in the interviews just to sell myself, and lo and behold, in two weeks I’m starting a new job. And it’s the one I want. Thank you, Stephanie.

Stephanie’s one on one to get me a dynamic resume was priceless.
— DeaRonda H.

I signed up to take the Career Makeover Academy course because I was able to get the interview but unable to sell myself.

My problem was conveying my skills to the hiring manager by portraying my self-confidence that people say I have naturally.  When I get in an interview I get tense and lose it and found that this was because of lack of preparation. The Career Makeover Academy will get you more than prepared for the interview you’ll probably know more than the hiring manager about the company, positions, and departments.  With this preparation detailed in the course you will blow the interview away.  

Another piece I enjoyed were the breathing techniques.  Those breathing exercises really work  to help to calm the nerves.  It makes a difference to be relaxed because it feels more like a conversation versus someone evaluating you.

The videos shared in the Career Makeover Academy to convey self-confidence were spot on.

Stephanie’s one on one to get me a dynamic resume was priceless.  I’ve heard from several hiring managers how they were impressed with my resume. :)

The career makeover academy helped me take the right steps to align with a role that matches my passions. I have been able to get more interviews and had the opportunity to get second round interviews to discuss more details of my background with senior level officials.  I’m on my way to my dream career position.  Making a complete career transition has not been easy, but the Career Makeover Academy made the experience seamless.

The personalized help along the way is all the better because Stephanie truly cares about her students and makes herself very accessible.
— Jenny H.

Career Makeover Academy is an A-to-Z course that takes you from just thinking about changing careers to hired! This course is perfect for the person who doesn't know where to begin. The personalized help along the way is all the better because Stephanie truly cares about her students and makes herself very accessible.

It can always help to have a second perspective on your resume! Stephanie's revisions to my resume helped me to imagine what an HR professional might think when they see my resume.

The course is great! I have already gotten a lot of useful information and guidance, and I have only completed module 1.
— Belinda K.

I found the Career Makeover Academy a great tool to have access to. I am hard-of-hearing and I was able to contact Stephanie and ask for closed captioning on her videos. She added them right away! I was amazed how accessible the professor was and willing to adapt her program so I could fully use it.
— Maria M.

Thank you, Stephanie, for creating this much-needed course!
—  Larry W.

Stephanie has created a wonderful opportunity for people who are not happy in their current career and want to make a change to something more fulfilling. Her Career Makeover Academy will help you discover your passion and purpose and then map out a plan to go after it! She takes a hands-on approach and has a personal style that makes learning practical and enjoyable. And her passion for helping others became obvious during the very first lesson.

As a lead recruiter in a medical device company, I talk to people every day who are unhappy in their current job and not sure how to make the leap from where they are to where they want to be. Career Makeover Academy will help you take that leap!

I have really enjoyed your course. I am learning a lot and, if this... doesn’t pan out, I will have so much more knowledge and tools in my pocket to start a new search. I very much admire your bravery, skills and knowledge to put this course together and encourage so many to go for it.
— Elizabeth L.
I asked Stephanie If she could review my resume and it was the best thing, she checked everything, shortened the things that needed to be shortened and gave value to my job experience, she even gave a twist to my profile that I didn’t even notice. Let me tell you, I’m really grateful for this course, it has been really amazing and eye-opening.
— Stephany

These are just some of our satisfied course students who have found success (or are well on their way) with the help of Career Makeover Academy. Do you want to learn how you can define your life's purpose, as well as make your work and life better? Find out if Career Makeover Academy is right for you. Book a risk-free, 30-minute Strategy Session for zero dollars. Life Purpose Coach Stephanie B. will gladly reach out to you on your selected time. All you'll have to do is take the call.